CBC2 Construction is a North Carolina licensed general contractor with a seven county focus area where we provide both residential and commercial services to our Clients. We can also selectively go outside of this primary focus area anytime without limitation so contact us so we can discuss your needs.
We have a passion for the communities we serve and a desire to incorporate diversity whenever and wherever possible. We are very happy to work with community leaders and residents whenever permitted and we are always open for dialogue. We look forward to being of service so feel free to contact us anytime!
CBC2 Construction is capable of serving any Client within the entire state of NC even though we have a primary focus area as shown in the map above. We have a well established network of reliable, efficient and talented sub-contractors that enable us to serve anyone throughout the entire state of NC. We wanted to make this clear because if you have a residential or commercial project anywhere in NC please consider CBC2 Construction as we are confident you will be glad you did!
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